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Elements Writing provides a variety of editing and writing services to create effective documents.

We give professional, detailed attention to each project. Let us take the stress out of writing and help you achieve success with your next project.

Writing, Editing and Proofreading Services – Hourly Rates
Writing $50-$90 hourly
Developmental Editing $40-$75 (1-5 pgs/hr)
Copyediting (Heavy) $35-$50 (2-6 pgs/hr)
Copyediting (Basic) $30-$45 (5-10 pgs/hr)
Proofreading $25-$35 (6-10 pgs/hr)


Writing ($50–$90)

Elements Writing prides itself on creating expert content, customized to your project and styled for your reader. Writing services are available to serve a spectrum of project types and industries, and can include rewriting, ghostwriting, and co-authoring. Look to us for:

  • Websites
  • Books
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Correspondence
  • Articles
  • And more

With a strong background in the rhetorical approaches needed for effective communication and marketing, we excel at presenting your message in a way that reaches your reader . . . and works.

Developmental Editing ($40-$75 hourly)
Developmental editing does as its name says: develops or transforms ideas, outlines, and rough manuscripts into a finished project by looking at overall content and organization. While the scope of this type of editing varies greatly depending on the specific project, standard developmental editing will include these services:

  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of a manuscript
  • Help plan the organization and features of the work
  • Suggest effective formats for communicating the message
  • Rewrite and restructure text to fit the format
  • Identify and resolve gaps in content; delete ineffective content

In addition, developmental editing may include other copyediting processes appropriate for the project.

Copyediting (Heavy) ($35-$50 hourly)
In addition to the detailed line-by-line editing described below, heavy copyediting looks at the “big picture” of a manuscript or project. Heavy copyediting will include these services:

  • Improve overall clarity—amend gaps in content, lack of focus, and continuity weaknesses; revise outdated content or content that doesn’t fit with the message/style; suggest clearer explanations or illustrations when needed
  • Enhance organization—reorganize content on sentence, paragraph and/or chapter level for logical structure and flow; delete or add headings as needed
  • Ensure correctness of text—provide correct citations for all sources and quotations; conduct additional research as needed; correct errors of fact
  • Strengthen style and tone—maintain author’s voice and style throughout the text


Copyediting (Basic) ($30-$45 hourly)
Basic copyediting works with text on the sentence and paragraph level to strengthen and correct writing. Cost varies depending on the quality of the writing, the technical level of the material, and the complexity of formatting. Basic copyediting includes these services:

  • Ensure correctness of text—rectify errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Improve clarity—adjust awkward sentences and word choices; eliminate wordiness, repetition, and ambiguous statements
  • Create consistency—synchronize lists, number formatting, parallelism of headings, and specialized terminology; cross-check tables and art with their textual references
  • Maintain appropriate style and tone—ensure gender neutrality; eliminate outdated figures of speech and jargon; strengthen sentence structure

Proofreading ($25-$35 hourly)
Proofreading involves reviewing the final version of a document to ensure correctness, accuracy, and consistency, and providing layout corrections for visually complete formats such as websites, brochures, ads, and articles. Proofreading includes these services:

  • Ensure correctness—fix typographical and typesetting errors, misspellings, obvious errors in grammar and punctuation, and use of proper nouns
  • Verify accuracy and check for consistency—emend references to figures or tables within the text, proper nouns, abbreviations, sequential lists (numerical, alphabetical or other), and capitalization
  • Rectify layout problems—alter font appropriateness and consistency, letter- or sentence-spacing errors, vertical and horizontal alignment of text, suitable margins, placement of graphics

Other Services
Elements Writing provides a comprehensive range of services to support your project. These include:

  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Process Design and Optimization
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Educational Seminars
  • And more!

Contact Elements Writing today to discuss your next project!

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